Fung Kai School Group

Fung Kai school group wants to install a video surveillance network in their 5 school campuses and surrounding areas to provide safe campus to students.

Fung Kai school group wants will deploy a wireless mesh network solution as backbone to connect all the surveillance cameras. The wireless mesh network needs to be resilient with self-recovery functionality, and he throughput should be large enough to support all the cameras now and expansion in future.


The 5 school campuses cover a very large area of 100,000 sq. m, and there is no cabling between the school campuses.
The exact site location may change often at the last minute due to changing user requirement in camera location.
There are NLOS blockage between the school building rooftops.
Need to deploy the network in short time to minimize the influence to teaching and activities.


Virtual fibre connection quality.
Real-time PTZ monitoring, either locally and at remote sites.
Fast setup time in days.
Flexible AP location to adopt changing camera view requirement.
Resilient with redundancy and self-healing.
Large room in throughput for future expansion.
High flexibility in choosing future camera locations and camera quality e.g. adding 4K camera.
Adaptive mesh network topology to address ever changing future requirement.
Fung Kai school group now become leading and innovative in safe campus.

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