Safe City (Hong Kong Science Park)

To build a safe city environment to HKSP tenants, deploy a surveillance network covering Phase 1 to 3 outdoor areas and the surrounding Tai Po district, and deploy a wireless mesh network solution as backbone to connect all the surveillance cameras.

The throughput should be large enough to support sufficient 4K resolution PTZ cameras now and expandable in future.
The wireless mesh network needs to be resilient with self-recovery functionality.


2,000,000 sq. m large coverage areas including Phase 1 to 3 outdoor areas and surrounding Tai Po district.
High interference of over 100 interfering AP and 4G antennas and microwave link around the mesh link.
No cabling between the buildings is allowed.
Need to deploy the network in short time and in non-office hours to minimize the influence to the tenants.


Smart Virtual fibre connection quality.
Real-time 12X PTZ 4K video monitoring.
Simple radio planning, fast setup in days.
4K resolution video, clear enough to identify facial characters and small letters at 200 m apart, enough for surveillance within 1 km.
200 Mbps throughput for 4 cameras each with 50 Mbps on average.
Resilient with redundancy and self-healing.
Hong Kong Science Park can now demonstrate as safe city campus.

Please download Success Story from here