Energy and Utilities

P2's patented MeshInfinity utilises the unlicensed radio spectrum to provide revolutionary wireless network for critical facilities such as power plants, oil fields, mining site etc.

Improve Reliability

MeshInfinity's patented fail-over redundancy, always-up architecture makes it the ideal backbone for on-site automatic system to monitor, control and protect critical facilities and functions including power grid communication, smart meter, sensor reading, and internal personnel communication for critical facilities by utilizing the unlicensed spectrum.

Improve Reach

Ensure connectivity for the furthest corner of the most remote site.

Extend Connectivity

Blanket-like Wi-Fi coverage for an extensive site providing mobile connectivity for onsite personnel, connecting sensors, devices and equipment. Controller failure does not impact coverage or Wi-Fi network in anyway.

Increase Resilience

Weather-proof equipment promises unsacrificed performance in hostile and challenging environment. P2 APs are resistant to heat, vibration, impact and extreme temperature.

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