High Performance Wi-Fi for Hotel, Restaurants and Cafes

Wi-Fi enabled devices, such as smartphones, tablets and laptops are increasingly popular and are a daily necessity. Therefore, more and more hotels, caf├ęs, and restaurants are installing Wi-Fi to provide value-add services for your patrons.

The advantages of P2WT Wi-Fi products are:
  • Suitable for hotels, restaurants, cafes and food courts of any size
  • Rapid deployment - (same day installation for deployments less than 20,000 sq. meters)
  • Capacity to provide stable Wi-Fi connection to your patrons
  • Ability to serve advertising to Wi-Fi users
Rapid installation

A wireless mesh network within 20,000 square feet of coverage can be installed within a day using the MeshRanger product range. As the network can be provisioned without cabling, then this is ideal for Wi-Fi installations in heritage buildings.

Run your business on unified Wi-Fi network infrastructure
By using our Wireless Mesh Networking technologies, you can have a high-speed and secured network infrastructure that enables

  • 100% Wi-Fi coverage for your customers
  • Wireless ordering system; or any
  • POS
  • Other network applications such as security system

Configure, maintain and monitor the status of the entire network using the P2WT web based MeshProvision Server.

High Capacity Wi-Fi Wireless Access Units

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