High Performance Wi-Fi for the Education Sector

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Wi-Fi connectivity for student tablets notebooks is seen to be an inevitable trend in all levels of education. In addition to universities and colleges, many schools, and even kindergartens have been gearing up for the e-Learning era to come.

Many schools have already installed, or are considering Wi-Fi for every classroom.

The advantages of our Wi-Fi products for Education venues are:

  • Suitable for school campuses of any size
  • Tested with over 60 simultaneous HD video streams (1080p, 25fps) download per AP
  • Auto-configuration for hassle-free network setup
  • Easy web based network provision
  • High speed Wi-Fi connection (450 Mbps) with self-healing capability
  • Rapid deployment

The MeshRanger series can provide Wi-Fi for an entire campus, regardless of size, with a wireless mesh network. As a result, all students and staff can enjoy Wi-Fi in any corner of the campus. Students will achieve benefits of Internet access, fast downloads of study materials and the ability to share ideas through forums.

Achieve full student connectivity and better performance than traditional Wi-Fi

With the traditional Wi-Fi technologies, there in a co-channel interference problem that significantly limits the number of concurrent connections per access point (AP). Within a classroom, only a few students in close proximity to the AP will receive sufficient performance to watch real-time videos, or download files. The majority of the class may experience lengthy download delays, or intermittent Wi-Fi drop outs.

With our advanced wireless mesh networking technologies, evenly distributed high-speed Wi-Fi access for all students is made possible. With a topology specifically designed for the classroom or lecture theatre environment, our MeshRanger series of 802.11n’s APs can distribute the Wi-Fi signals to mitigate the impact of co-channel interference. As a result, all students can receive a high-speed Wi-Fi connection.

The web-based MeshProvision server will facilitate centralised management and security management of the wireless mesh network.

Compatibility with legacy network

With our MeshRover AP, we can connect existing legacy devices to our 802.11n’s 300 Mbps Wireless Mesh Backbone which means these devices can be redeployed within a centrally managed backbone.

High Capacity Wi-Fi Wireless Access Units