Wireless Technology Australia

P2WT High Capacity Wi-Fi Wireless Access Units

The P2WT Widensity range is a series of high performance access points (AP) built with patent-pending DensityBoost Technology,

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Wireless Solutions Australia

P2WT Long Range - Backhaul Units

The P2WT MeshRanger series is the world’s highest performance quad-radio 802.11n wireless mesh Wi-Fi.

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Wi-Fi Technology Australia

P2WT Centralised Wireless Network Management

The P2WT MeshProvision Server is an industry-leading centralized network provisioning platform for the management of the wireless mesh network.

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New Wireless Technologies

Fastback High bandwidth PTP Communications

The Fastback Liberator E1000e Dual Port is an easy to deploy, cost-effective, wireless Ethernet point-to-point bridge operating in the 70/80 GHz millimeter wave E band.

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Self healing Wi-Fi Technology

Fastback High Capacity 60GHz Communications

The Fastback Liberator V1000 Dual Port is an easy to deploy, cost-effective, point-to-point wireless Ethernet bridge operating in the 60 GHz millimeter wave V band.

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Exalt ExtendAir G2

All-Outdoor, GigE Microwave Systems for Short-to-Medium Haul Applications.


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Exalt ExtremeAir

ExtremeAir Platform. Fiber performance. Incredible flexibility.


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Exalt ExtendAir eMIMO Quad-Band

Sub-6 GHz wireless bridge delivering double the throughput over longer distances at the industry's lowest cost

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Exalt ExpandAir

Highest reliability Internet access system. ExpandAir delivers on all counts.


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