Wireless video surveillance Australia

Wireless Video Surveillance

P2 patented MeshInfinity technology redefines conventional security surveillance, enabling wireless real-time full HD video monitoring for area where cabling just won't work.

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Large Area Wifi systems

Mining Sector

Wireless networks are ideally suited for mines, since they cover large areas and the landscape can change constantly, making cabling difficult if not impossible.  

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Wi-Fi Technology Australia

Small Cell Backhaul

Fastback offers service providers high performance with superior economics for higher density outdoor small cells to power faster mobile data speeds and better quality of experience.

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New Wireless Technologies

Temporary Mobile Backhaul

Fastback radio is a fast, easy-to-install portable wireless Ethernet solution for mobile operators and enterprises that need to establish high capacity temporary service or data connectivity for extra capacity or coverage, emergency situations, disaster relief, or fibre infrastructure failures.

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Self healing Wi-Fi Technology

Energy and Utilities

P2's patented MeshInfinity utilises the unlicensed radio spectrum to provide revolutionary wireless network for critical facilities such as power plants, oil fields, mining site etc.

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Wireless Technology Australia

Wi-Fi for Public Spaces

High Density Wi-Fi with true 300 Mbps Mesh Network
As technologies are moving towards increased mobility, being able to connect in public spaces such as parks, city squares, theatres, halls and community centres will enrich community life; enhance public safety; provide marketing and communications portals; service city employees and enhance local economies by attracting more visitors.

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Wi-Fi for Education

High Performance Wi-Fi for the Education Sector

Wi-Fi connectivity for student tablets notebooks is seen to be an inevitable trend in all levels of education. In addition to universities and colleges, many schools, and even kindergartens have been gearing up for the e-Learning era to come.

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